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Red Painting and Brushes


Richard Summerfield

I am an artist based in North Lincolnshire.
Through my website I want to provide access to personalised works of art that can be enjoyed at reasonable prices.
I have retired from my previous careers of Engineering and Technical Education and now have time to devote to my passion for painting.

Paint Colors

Preferred Media

I work in acrylic or oils.  I have no particular preference, however oil paintings do take longer to produce due to the time it takes for the oils to dry both during and after the process.  It usually takes 3 months after a painting is finished for it to be suitably dry for a protective varnish to be applied.

Actylics are much quicker, however, the speed of drying means that the blending of colours is more difficult, so the feel of the finished painting is different.

I paint on either stretched canvas or canvas board.

Paint Brushes

What 'floats my boat'

My first career was in Engineering, so it is not surprising that my primary interests are for subjects in this area, i.e. trains, ships and cars. 

I have also developed an interest in portrait painting so I am happy to take commissions in this area.  Portraits can be colour or monochrome, which gives a warm old fashioned feel.

I have now ventured into the painting of pet portraits. 

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